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I'm trying to use blender but i have no fucking clue of what i'm doing can someone teach me the basics?
How about you go through some tutorials and learn the basics?
You want a bunch of fucking autists to teach you the basics when there's a shit ton of free ones available online?
Autism fueled nerds are only good at explaining nuanced esoteric shit. They're not good at explaining basics or social skills like looking people in the eye
Go to Youtube and learn how to make a donut
basic stuff quick course

- left button: click on buttons
- wheel: move visual
- right button: select entire objects (in object mode); select single faces/edges/vertex (in edit mode)
- object mode: select entire objects with right mouse button on selected object
- edit mode: select single faces (when the little square on the right is selected), or single edges (when the little segment is sel.), or single points (when the little point is sel.) with right mouse button on the selected object
(A little to the right:)
- Solid: default visualization
- Material: correcly visualize most materials properties
- Render: correctly visualize everything (materials, lighting, environment, reflections, transparence, etc...) but could be slow
- A: select/deselect everything
- E: extrude selected thing... (*)
- G: move selected thing... (*)
- R: rotate selected thing... (*)
- S: scale selected thing... (*)
- Shift: keep pressed to select more things at once, or move visual in different ways

-X: ...along the X axis
-Y: ...along the Y axis
-Z: ...along the Z axis
>teach me the basics?
Ctrl+R (in edit mode): slices selected object along 1 or more plains (select number with mouse wheel)

- click on the little wrench to add "modifiers"; here's some examples:
Boolean: create an object that's the union/intersection/difference between the selected object and another one
Array: create various instances of selected object lined-up along an axis
Screw: solid generated by the rotation and/or translation of selected object along an axis
Mirror: adds specular copy of selected object along one or more axis
Solidify: turns surface of selected object into a solid object (basically a surface that envelopes the previous one)
Simple deform: applies various kind of deformations to selected object (es.: torsion/bending/stretching...)
Smooth: smooth edges of selected object
also, when an object has a modifier on it, whenever you edit it, the modifier is refreshed accordingly. If you don't want this to happen, click on "apply" on the modifier
Go through any tutorial from a reputable modeler and repeat what they do. The best way to learn imo.
This. Look into Andrew "BlenderGuru" Price on Youtube.
Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials!
and thus, another donut was made.
The glazing goes on!
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Just watch some of these high quality tutorials on Udemy.
>that guy
I made the mistake of buying one of his previous Blender courses, $10 or so. Never again.
Is blender still free if I smash my computer out of rage?
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>152,100 students enrolled
File: 2019-05-09_03-06-53.jpg (201 KB, 1576x1290)
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Finally, a worthy opponent!
You are free to smash your computer however you want, so, yes, Blender retains the motto: "Creative Freedom Starts Here." What can be more of a radical creative expression than to bake that goddam z-depth map pushing a baseball bat right through your monitor?

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