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Tired of using shit quality assets, and don't want to spend a lot of time making my own. Has anyone here bought it and was it worth the $400?
"Bought"? What the fuck does that word mean? I pirate everything so I apologize for not knowing what you're saying or trying to convey.
$400? For that money, you can get yourself a 2-year license to Houdini Indie, and that's plenty of time to learn how to make procedural rocks. Plus the skills you'll acquire have the potential of giving you better returns in the long run.

Just one example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh7ptGi1EDc
it's a pack of 3d scanned rocks.

If that's worth 400 usds to you then sure
I found the grass to be kind of useful, but I didn't buy it.
Guru is just putting an arbitrary price on things and his autistic "fanbase" is willing to dole out any price to "make things as good as his".
I'm sure the pack could be pretty useful and is pretty good, but it's nowhere near worth the price he's advertising it at.

Poliigon isn't too bad though. I think I just got a free trial and downloaded everything I ever needed. Plus there's a bunch of free shit there already. There's other places with good PBR textures though. A lot of them are listed in the Materials sharing thread, and the OP for the /wip/ thread.
you could try this instead
No one here has bought rocks for 400$
That price is set for companies who specialize and 3D and have the money to pay for the models and the fact that 3D is a very niche hobby for regular people, so artists can put whatever kind of price they want on them.
Just pirate it bro lmao
Dude you could fly to a mesa and take your own photogrammetry for less than £400
Depends on what camera he has, or if he even has one.

Of all the things you'd think someone would put on pirate sites, this would be one of them, and yet it isn't. Is it because Andew's retarded pricing decisions? Because this doesn't need to cost more than $100 at most.
I've done some photogrammetry recently with my budget smartphone camera, you dont need an amazing camera good lighting and lots of close ups are the only extra work you need to put in.

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