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I'm ending university soon and I want to make a short film as a magnum opus of my portfolio during weekends. The problem is my educational licence for Max is running out soon and I really don't want spend stupid money on the subscription package.
I was looking about and I forgot about blender. Memes aside, is blender suitable for animation and at least similar to Max in the sense of material assembly? I'm going to utilise the pipeline used for Lord Inquisitor: Prologue, so if regarding PBR being crap, I am not really bothered as I'm going to mostly stick to spec maps (etc.) and tileable textures in conjunction with decals to add details. This is mostly to make a bigger project possible to be made by a one man team in a reasonable time scale. This is mostly due to the creator of the Lord Inquisitor- if he managed it, I believe i could manage myself.
My plan is to use Unreal Engine 4 for realtime rendering to cut down render times, and I am willing to spend money on software such as SpeedTree and Substance (if I need it), unless I kick myself in the ass and try Quixel. This is due to their considerably lower cost and looking at Max's pricing, no way I am going willing to spend that much money unless there is no other choice.
So, in conjunction with external software and my skills aside, is blender capable of creating quality assets from scratch in that standard?
Cheers guys.
It's adequte at animation as long as you draft and prepare your scenes correctly, otherwise it's a pain in the ass. Checked the animation you have pointed out. A piece of cake for blender, you can even do it realtime in eevee and it will look as good or better than this LOrd nquisitor.
Blender is capable of rendering with the same quality even in real time(eevee).
The only pain in the ass will be the multiple animated characters, but I think there was a free addon that could help you with that.
Oh, alright cool.
You don't understand how glad I am that blender will work. All I'll have to brush up on is blender's workflow and UI then.
I never heard of eevee, so I'll definitely give it a look. It will be helpful to have the render engine within the same package, saving time and effort wasted on importing every asset into Unreal.
I'll look around for plugins to make less painful like you advised. Worst case scenario I'll just have to grind through it.
Thanks man, much appreciated!
Why not get a new educational license?
I considered it, but one of the guys who failed last year's classes who I still speak to told me you can't. His 3 year licence ended shortly after the teaching period as he attended some other thing before landing in uni. Basically, they ask you for the name of your institution and somehow they dig up your details to verify (I don't how, maybe the contact them).
And yeah I remembered something of the sort being in place- checked and he was right. They still ask for it. It's shit because when I'll job hunt I would still be educating myself by definition. And I'm way too schizophrenic when I even think about pirating software, even lying to AD kinda freaks me out as I'm want to break into the industry. In case they find out or something.

I just used a new email last year to get this years max they dont give a fuck. Alternatively modo and mari have real cheap educational versions and mari even has a free limited version. They are thinking of making a free modo too.
I registered for an educational license with a personal email, telling them that my institution was "Self-taught" or something like that. That was like one year ago and I'm still getting licenses for each new release of their software.
I might try that, to see how it goes.
I didn't know that you can say you're self-taught. That's awesome if AD's so lenient with their products. Maybe even the fact I got a licence before will help my case.
I'll weight the positives though. I haven't used blender since starting education and it would be nice to have more software under my belt.
But there's multiple options now.
Max/Unreal, Blender/eevee, Blender/Unreal- you name it. Brilliant.
Also, I touched Modo for prop creation, quite enjoyed it as well. In the long run I might even try to obtain that licence to get more used to it.
Cheers guys, seriously.
Yeah that's a lie. Just make a new gmail, new autodesk account, they'll give you everything for free.
3rd world dweller here , just to let you know i'm using a student maya version by entering my insitution as Art Centre on my throwaway email account
You can't get a GOOD job on a GOOD team with Blender.
You will be stuck making shit like Ratatoing and Foodfight.
as far as I've seen at my uni there is a guy that absolutely swears by blender and even he said animating in blender is shit. (there are also free student licences for substance)
Find a minor job (mcdonalds) and while you work there start taking notes for your project

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