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Hello all, just wondering if anyone knows of a way to get or has a cracked version of Octane renderer, preferably for C4D or Maya?

pic not related
That's illegal anon. You're gonna go to jail and be raped by Tyrone and his goons.
Octane? After Maxon's latest move, Octane is kill.
can you elaborate on this? Did they buy Octane and say they weren't gonna dev it anymore?
Octane is (for now) the go-to GPU render engine for C4D, due to its ease of use and good integration. Redshift is a notable competitor, arguably more technically advanced and capable, but also more complex and with worse C4D integration.

Wonder which one was bought by Maxon? Redshift.
Because Redshift is a better engine, while Octane is an incapable Cycles-tier piece of shit that just sets up prettier defaults out of the box.
Also because OTOY tends to overpromise and underdeliver, so it doesn't seem like a sound business plan to invest in them.
I guess in that case, what's a good way to get Redshift for C4D? I haven't yet looked at pricing or pirating options
>what's a good way to get Redshift for C4D?
Here: https://www.redshift3d.com/buy
That gives you access to all DCC integration plug-ins.

There's a pirated version on the netz, but it's old, and afaik after the Redshift team managed to solve the security fault, no new pirated releases have been made. If you decide to try it, there's no guarantee it'll work with the newest DCC software.

You can use the trial, or wait and hope that the acquisition by Maxon means shortly arriving easily crackable versions.
Cool, thanks for the info, happy 3Ding
There is a 3.07 version for C4D on CGPeers that works.
I haven't had any problems with it for the last few months.

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