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How can i make this look better? What could be improved upon?
File: bee18_1080p_1.jpg (2.39 MB, 1920x1080)
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ditch worn machinery material preset and do actual brushwork to define worn edges and zones
bg is not okay also
go to wip thread also
Telling a story with the weathering, it's pretty uniform and obv artificial looking right now that betrays it's CGI
and not a physical thing despite the highquality model and shading you have there.
It's highly unlikely the mech should receive the same amount of wear and scratches on every leading edge everywhere.
Most would be located on the limbs and moving surfaces that would have high angular energies and brush up against things more frequently.

Like look at an old CAT digger for example, the digging arm will be alot more dinged up than the 'turret' part.

Also layer your whetering with more variations like parts of the laquer that is less reflective and more matte due to being worn but not fully removed
greasy oily spots, smoke stains, burns and heat stains. look at battledamage and wear and tear on things like real armored vehicles that've seen combat
and old aviation jets for ideas of what to mimic and where to put it to make it look real.
your unpainted metal parts don't really look like metal. more like rubberised or rough ceramic or smth. leave some chrome in there and dial back on the roughness on those areas in general.
the very diffuse hdri is making it harder to read as well.
Light and Shadow balance, also make some metal parts more shiny and use different kind of metals. copper, silver etc. study materials. Rework the pose and make some small details like LED lights etc. so it's looking activated. Maybe break uniformity.
i dont know about this kind of high level work but my first impression is that the eyes should shine more and that the metal on the inside looks a bit like plastic, i think making it look darker and greasier might work
The tattoo shit on the eyes look kind of gay.
oath to that

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