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Do any of y'all use SFM? I just remembered it was a thing and I'm starting to read up about it, I was just wondering if any of you had some good tips and or tricks. From my initial research it seems like a pretty powerful little tool; I'm kind of surprised I haven't heard of more people using it.
>I'm kind of surprised I haven't heard of more people using it.

I'm gonna give you a quick rundown:
On the surface it seems powerful until you realize the absolute hell it is just to make models for export to source engine MDL format and thier maps and material system. Source engine is an absolute dumpster fire and you shoudn't be learning something so outdated, broken and has backwards workflows only being held up by scattered community tools. Also SFM is basically abandonware at this point too.

Its best just to learn how to animate in any 3D program rather than a broken movie making tool for a horribly outdated engine. Lastly a lot of points were already covered in this topic >>>672638

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