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Will I get shit on if I use sketchup?

It's so easy to use compared to 3DS Max but I get the feeling it's got a bad reputation.
Who cares?
depends on what you want to do of course. If sketchup does what you want, go ahead. But if you do more of this stuff, you'll really want to switch to a tool targeted at professional users at some point.
Depends what you want to do Anon.
I started on skp 7 years ago and feel it's simply the best for architectural designing. Along with layout it does everything you need. There plenty of rendering options these days with the standout at the moment being Enscape which let's you export as an executable for clients.

Yes, 3ds is superior if all you interested in doing is pretty archvis demos or perhaps single buildings but it's got nothing on skp when it actually comes to large projects, like hotels, urban areas, resorts, etc which is what my company focuses on.
These projects require way more information than you can fit into a single max file.

For actual architecture, SketchUp or Revit are the way to go. Revit is great but it's basically the same as SketchUp so if you already know one and your whole company knows it too, the benefit to switching everyone to the other program is essentially worthless.

I don't do small engineering CAD stuff but I believe it's very good for that also, simply do to the ease of accuracy.
Unlike other 3d softearso in skp your never just scaling things so they fit. Everything is precise.

What I miss the most whenever I'm in Maya or blender is the ability to easily just snap when modeling hardsurfaces.

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