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Is there a company in Europe that builds solid stable custom GPU stations?

>>InB4 build your own
I rather not, got two left hands.

Any laptops worth buying for GPU rendering when on the go?
I don't know shit about prebuilts in Europe, but laptops I might be able to help with. It kind of depends on what you're looking for though. Personally I use the Asus Aero so you could check that out, although I don't remember what gpu it uses, I believe there is a 2080 model.
As for pre-builts, you really gotta be more specific, what's your budget, how serious are you, etc. If you're an amateur blendlet, then just get muh gamin pc, if ur a professional, that's a different story. I was personally looking at maingear when I was looking at pre-builts but eventually just built my own, they are nice but can get pricey very quickly.
I also forgot about puget, but I don't think they're international. But if ur a real professional, they're great afaik.
I'm willing to spend 5-10k
Puget doesn't ship to EU unfortunately
>custom GPU stations
Dude, just buy a refurbished server. There are hundred of people dumping their bitcoin mining rigs onto ebay and alike for pennies. You wont get anywhere near the pcie expansion capability out of a desktop computer. Used Tesla gpus are also dirt cheap since they have little to no resale value outside of the tiny hobbyist 3d community.
>GPU rendering when on the go
Just rent time on a farm, bro.
not just rendering but visdev, styleframing etc.
gotta have enough power

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