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What is the best free, easy-to-use software that you can create shitty animated videos with? When I say shitty animated videos, I mean simple things like these based boomer videos:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaEFYHtXXkQ [Embed]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOMYsOGei08 [Embed]

I am trying to emphasize "easy to learn" and ease-of-use. I simply want to create shitty animations like the above two as quickly and easily as possible, nothing extremely professional.

What were those videos likely made with? How does animation work? Do you have to draw by hand and then polish it up/use it via software or can you create it via software? How can I take an image/drawing and then use it to be animated in other scenes? How long does it take to learn? (I realize that is vague and depends, but oh well.)

Bonus if it's on Linux also.
Oops, sorry about the [Embed] [Embed]
Gonna head to bed now and read answers when I wake up. Thanks to all answering parties.
pecil2D is just one example. there are other open source examples of easy to use animation software.

now of course, it won't compare with adobe animate or spline. but it depends what features you need. check the feature list on every software and compare it
>How does animation work
There are two kinds of it, "traditional" and "flash" (or whatever you want to call it). The first one is pretty obvious, you just draw things frame by frame, play those frames back one after the other and you have something that looks like it's in motion. You can use something like Photoshop or Krita and create a video similar to the first clip you posted (plus some camera movement).

The second is a bit more complicated, instead of drawing frame by frame, you set two endpoints for a given motion and use some kind of software that automatically generates those frames for you. It has a very distinctive look, and you'll probably use Flash, Toon Boom, After Effects or similar for it. 3D animation or things like camera movement and the transitions for the screenshots popping up in the second video also use this technique (though arguably it falls under video editing rather than animation at that point).

>How long does it take to learn
Not much, honestly. You probably know the basics of at least mspaint, and the concept of a timeline or keyframes is pretty intuitive. The actual principles of animation and "how to make things not look shitty" takes a bit more, but you can get up to speed for making shitpost webms in about a week.

I'd personally pirate Flash (Adobe Animate) first, just to get the idea if nothing else. It runs pretty well in Wine, it does most things you'd want and it has a fairly intuitive and beginner friendly interface used by literal 12 year olds. The downside is that you can only draw vector art with it (crisp, "mathematical" shapes) so you'll need a proper image editor like Photoshop/Krita on the side, and you'll probably want to invest in learning After Effects if you want to do fancy shit like fire effects and counters that tick up or down. No idea about FOSS Linux alternatives besides Krita, you can probably use Blender or something but you'll figure out pretty quickly why that's a bad idea.

What happened to good old flash? You had the option to use frame by frame as well as the ability to draw objects for tweening.
Ironically, it's gotten more updates in recent years than any other Adobe product. People just forgot about it because of the security meme, vector animation getting a bad reputation, nobody developing an HTML5 player for it, the advent of SFM for cheap smut and YouTube changing its monetization to drive every animator to do shitty 15 minute let's play videos instead. Which is a fucking tragedy if you ask me, for all its faults Flash was and still is a marvel of technology with no proper replacement.
Nothing happened. They changed the name to Adobe Animate. Although it supports more features and formats now you can still use it to make flash videos.

Yeah ive noticed the old newgrounds boys who became youtube animators have fallen due to jewgles fucking shit, oneyng has over 5 mill views on some of his shit and still cant stay afloat.
Thanks m8.

Thanks, m8.

So, Krita or Photoshop for the first video, and Flash, Toon Boom, or After Effects for the second video?

Got it. Thanks lots. Actually, thinking more about it, I am wanting to make videos much like the first one. Just simple frame changes. I'm just now wondering if I have to draw each one, and whether by hand (I suck at drawing) or by computer.

What would be the best way to take a character like the boomer and "already have him drawn" in an environment? I assume that's easy to do in Krita, etc. I'll have to get into this further come next week.

+1 for being a Linux lad.
Woah, what? Which guys? Is Jewgle shadowbanning them or something?
File: 2019.04.08_04.28.14.png (446 KB, 1841x1022)
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446 KB PNG
No worries lad.

Krita (or Flash) for oldschool manual frame by frame shit and image editing, Flash for anything you'd describe as "puppet animation" or basic things like blurs and camera movement, After Effects for more advanced special effects like a digital glitch or "programmatic" things like counters that tick up to a million and start getting faster. You can also use their alternatives but I think those 3 are solid beginner friendly choices for the most part (AE being the most complex but still not much of a leap once you've used the other two).

Also you don't actually have to draw everything by hand even if you're doing traditional animation on paper that gets scanned in, at the very least you can do what people did back in the day with pencil animation and separate things out onto a background + a character layer. Props and whatnot can also be reused between scenes and you can copypaste/drag and drop stuff. Or use Photoshop and cheat wherever you can, get a boomer Wojak screencap from somewhere and trace over him with a brush, steal a background from somewhere, trace a car from somewhere else, etc. Making ironically shitty memes is an artform in itself.

And the principle of the thing is fairly intuitive, but tbf you'll probably be confused as shit at first so you might wanna do some kind of a "here's how to make a hello world project" course or tutorial for the application(s) you decide on. Krita especially, since its timeline is AIDS.

Well there's the adpocalypse and anything remotely edgy/right wing being haram, but more importantly they also changed the way YouTube ad revenue works to make shorter projects that get millions of views (like Newgrounds animations that take a few months to produce) not nearly as profitable as 10-15 minute long episodic Let's Play series which you can churn out with minimal effort. Hence why Egoraptor/OneyNG/etc all have Let's Play shows or podcasts and haven't produced a fucking thing in like 6 years.
Also just to get an idea of what the workflow for this kind of shit looks like:

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