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i bought monster clay and tools to get into sculpting what should i make to practice
pic unrelated
literally anything, then do more things, then go back to previous things and try to improve them from scratch.
it's funny how they pull stuff like this exclusively with christians but don't dare to do the same with other beliefs
Who is "they"
Make a duck
the guys who dress up like in the OP
it depends on what do you want to sculpt
I assume it's humans, everyone want to sculpt humans
start from large forms
sculpt small undetailed heads roughly size of your hand
try picking major proportions, no need to detail and polish, just keep making heads until they sort of look like crude humans
don't bother with elaborate wire, two large nails in wooden block is enough
one of the best references you can get for classic head is Apoxyomenos mostly because it's lightweight(literally just head lol) but most importantly has neutral features, has reasonably complex, but easy to pick up features
this should keep you occupied for quite some time
two-fold reason:
christianity is or was major religion in countries these guys originated from
and unlike other two, there are no consequences, you won't have your head chopped and you won't be burned alive for mocking it, nobody will even ostracise you verbally

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