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Need some quick help for Maya, looking for the best way to alter the mesh AFTER paint weights, rigging, etc

I'm currently making modifications to a model that I made and rigged and painted weights on, and I'm wondering, let's say I want to go in and delete or add some edge loops, something simple like that, what would be the simplest way to do this? I think I did this once already, but I think it was a fluke and I can't figure out how to do it again.

I would keep trying to figure it out through trial and error but my Maya keeps crashing when it gets confused with the skin weights, even if I unbind the mesh first, and then rebind. can anybody offer some tips on how to do this?

...btw, is 4chan the best place to post questions like this? I posted this exact thing on Polycount last night and I've got 0 replies and 20 views. There's no way fucking 4chan is the best place to get answers, right?
Use the questions thread you goddamn cuck
1. Thanks for the advice
2. You dodged my question about where else I can go besides 4chan to have discussions that don't have hours-long gaps between each message.
the questions thread
No chatroom would want to invite users who ask such embarrassingly basic questions. You have no respect for other people's time. "Watch more tutorials and stop bothering posting this shit" is the only appropriate response to you.

It really should have gone in the questions thread, I'll answer your shitty question because I'm bored. When you rig, you need to consider your topology absolutely and completely final. If you want to add edges, verts, or anything like that, you should recreate the skincluster.

Duplicate your mesh, make your changes to the new version. Select the skinned mesh, then the new one, then run this python script.

import pymel.core as pm
sel = pm.selected()
pm.select(pm.skinCluster(sel[0], q=1, inf=1), r=1)
pm.select(sel[1], add=1)
pm.copySkinWeights(noMirror=1, surfaceAssociation= "closestPoint", influenceAssociation="oneToOne")
you my lad are why I love this place <3
File: 5918331.jpg (84 KB, 593x805)
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niggah you gay.
>making a dumbass pymel script for something that can literally be done in three clicks
why. you're not working any faster or automating any process by doing this
Spotted the brainlet. Quick scripts like that go in shelf buttons.

Please demonstrate how to do it in 3 clicks, I'd love to learn something.
>select your joint hierarchy and your duplicated mesh
>bind skin
>select your original mesh and your duplicated one
>copy skin weights
ok, that was 4 clicks for what your script did, you win
I get paid by the hour to solve dumbass problem like op's
Tell me why should I do it for you for free
*hint: pussy is a form of currency :wink:wink:
Also my script works in situations where the joints you want to bind to aren't synonymous with a hierarchy (e.g. won't include eye joints in the body skincluster if those joints are only used on the actual eyeballs)
Do you take boipussy as payment?

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