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Tell me something optimistic regarding finding a /3/ job. I'm depressed but I suffered the past year to learn /3/ and /ic/, but the future's gloom. Add basic python knowledge and certified IT specialist and I'm jack of all the useless trades, but maste- employable in none.

Also, I'm fearing the fact that model might look "OK", but it's not Okay because there are better ways of making it or even internally it's a mess.
>pulling points
traditional 3d modelling is mostly painting by the numbers. You can't be lose because theres no creativity involved. They give you a picture with plan and elevation and say make it. You get to trace the major stuff and you know your proportions are right. That's the good shit man. No design, no pitches, no talking. Just good old modeling autism adding little details for days.
completely opposite, zbrush is great because its lots of creativity and even if your shit at drawing you can still sculpt a good sculpt by following the recipe. Its harder because lots of work doesn't make it in or gets rejected right away, but if you balance it out with regular 3d modelling you'll feel at peace.
At this point I'm fine with either, I just want to focus on one or few skills that'll give me a job and will be at least partially enjoyable. Every /3/ job locally (a relatively huge city in EU) is either making visualizations for construction and interior, or "marketing agencies" that are part of awful corporations and look for "computer artists" (usually meaning more or less unspecified 3D software, EVERYTHING Adobe, trad. arts, and making concept stuff and all that - 1 person).

Despite that, I'd like to utilize my /g/ skills and some creativity too. I spent too much time learning computers to become a schizo for one of these agencies that'll fire me and hire Russians in a year.

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