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I've been getting this weird thing where the slicer file looks fine then the print just translates and mirrors a bunch of layers off to the side. Awful rafting all around. This does not happen with all models but rather only some even in the same print. Even changing the orientation of the model and doing the supports again sometimes fixes it.

Main screw is cleaned and greased. Platform is zeroed and leveled properly. Film is clean. Bottom layers, layer size, exposure time, and so on works with other models of a similar size and complexity. Tried slicing the same models in ChituBox and got the same result, just with ten times longer wait to slice.

Seems like it might be a firmware issue? Is this a known issue with a known solution? Google mostly just turned up contacting Anycubic for warranty crap or some facebook groups which I can't view. But it's getting fucking annoying. I bought the Photon new in December 2018 so it should be the latest I think.
Ah I had this but I fixed it.

Turns out there was some kids hacking into my printer to fuck with me. Really annoying. Most of them were from the apartment on the floor above so after I talked to their parents they stopped and problem was solved.

Must be a trend or something at the moment.

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