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A noob here. Started about 1 or 2 months ago with Blender 2.79 because that where the tutorials were. Having a good handle on how ''some'' of the edit tools work and memorizing many of the short-cuts, I'm now I'm moving onto 2.8 '''However''', it certainly not an easy transition to make. For starters, the "Pie-menu" add-on ("Tab") doesn't work together with the "Favorites" menu. I brought up the issue as a bug and this was their response: https://developer.blender.org/T62843

> "You can go into the preferences of this add-on, and disable the pie menu that overrides the Q key."

Yea, no shit.
I know they have a lot of work to do, but it kinda annoys me how they just glaze over the issue. My theory is that since the Pie-menu is now part of the UI, the add-on is no longer needed. And it causes problems when activated. So now, to use the '''Tab''' key instead of "'''Ctrl''' + '''Tab'''", one would need to re-assign the hotkey in ''Preferences''.

The hotkey is located in ''Screen'' ''Screen (Global)'' Down on the 5th row where it says "Cycle Space Context"

But even after de-selecting the "Ctrl" button within the hotkey's options, it doesn't appear to have made any difference. On top of this, the "Select Shortest Path" ('''Ctrl''' + '''LMB''') doesn't even seem to exist in 2.8

Any idea's on how to remedy this?
I've also included the memonics for the hotkeys in 2.79 (''Although it's a bit of a mess''): https://files.catbox.moe/rkpmx6.pdf

Saying that we should just keep using 2.79 is NOT the answer.
File: ctrl and tab.png (46 KB, 657x549)
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> So now, to use the '''Tab''' key instead of "'''Ctrl''' + '''Tab'''", one would need to re-assign the hotkey in ''Preferences''
Doesn't this option do the thing you are looking for? Also select shortest path works on blender 2.8 and even if you ticked the square of the image, it still works. Somehow you screwed up your hotkeys.
On another note, I tried multiple times to jump into blender in the past and never really lasted more than a few days and always went back to other stuff.

2.8 I am literally loving. I love how it just works for the most part as I expect it to work.

Sorry op. Just get used to it lel.
The option was right in front of me.
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It happens to everybody, specially after getting used to every problem having a convoluted solution. A "just click here and everything is solved lol" answer sounds too good to be true.
Same for me. Blender <2.5 was just horrible, but i could not get to grips with the versions prior to 2.8. The latest beta version looks promising and feel pretty comfy.

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