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File: facerender.png (923 KB, 1920x1920)
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That's it boys.
I'm sick of box modeling characters.
Pic related is my first sculpt from some YanSculpts tutorials a while back.
I've obscured how flawed it it with some dark lighting.

What are some good things to sculpt to practice. I feel like starting with humans may not be the best? Are there some other organic forms that you feel are better for grasping sculpting fundamentals? Is banging out human anatomy the way to go?
File: unknown (1).png (162 KB, 634x628)
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Progress pic of bad anatomy / sculpting.
spoiler: you will never be good at either box modeling or sculpting
File: fire3.png (3.83 MB, 1080x1920)
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3.83 MB PNG
That's definitely a possibility. When moving towards more artistic areas of CG there does seem to be a natural talent cap. However I'm sure with enough practice anyone can get to a reasonable level of competency.

Here's one of my hard surface models.
Rocks. Sculpting rocks of all sorts, like hard-edged mountains rocks, to bed rivers round rocks, will teach you how to smooth, trim, sculpt and detail. Then wood. Then organic.
the hose is possitioned so unatrually
There's no clip so it should be just falled to the floor
File: CYMlB5eW8AAa6fp.png (231 KB, 850x736)
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231 KB PNG
Thanks, I take it you mean things like this.
Yo my dude, nice progress.
With sculpting anatomy, please use a image that both shows a front and a side view. Otherwise, people can't properly critique the anatomy. The face's profile is important, you know!
Also, sculpt with matcap gray. It may look ugly, but it's the best for revealing detail that you wouldnt be able to see with the red clay. Sculpting with matcap gray is one of the best tips I ever got and so I urge others to do the same.
Banging out human anatomy is one way to study, and a very good one if you want to be a character artist. But, please think about what you want to actually make and try to learn toolsets and workflows from people who make stuff you'd want to make in the future.
Don't be afraid to start little personal sculpting projects amidst studying anatomy, try and see how far you can come with your current knowledge and then work from there to improve it.

Personally, I just started making stuff wity reckless abandon till I felt I had a smidge of control, then I slowly learned to render things out a little more. I'm not at a phase where I can produce top class sculpts yet but I feel that with every project I do I keep getting closer.

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