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File: chair.png (816 KB, 1280x720)
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816 KB PNG
Alright /3/, let's try something for a change...


It's pretty simple: every day, we'll have a simple theme. Hand in an image of a model related to that theme in whatever renderer or engine of your choosing.... pic related. Feel free to be as direct or as abstract as you want when tackling said theme.

>How much effort should I put on it?

I am not your dad and you can do whatever you want in terms of workload. I urge you not to spend more than an hour or two on it (I did the OP image in like fifteen minutes and even that felt like too long). The point isn't to prepare the perfect portfolio piece that'll get you hired at Blizzard - it's to get your fingers stretching and those brain juices flowing.

>Can I critique whatever garbage people post here?

Yeah, but get ready to be called out and told to put your money where your mouth is. Again, I am not your dad and I can't stop you. On this board especially, I couldn't stop you even if I were.

>Can I ask questions here?
There is a questions thread. If you're curious about someone's render, quote the post and keep it short.

>Those themes are too simple and suck dick. Why isn't it X/Y/Z instead?

Let's try to keep it simple for a few days and see what happens. If the thread gains some traction and doesn't die on a shallow grave like most /3/ threads, maybe we could do a strawpoll with a few options instead.

The theme for tonight is chair. Have at it!
Yeah, how about we go with "weekly" for now
Rate my art, lads.
scale is wrong, curtains and sofa are bad, perspective on hdr is wrong, replace with background. sofa, chair and lamp locations are arbitrary and stupid. why is the roof as reflective as plastic. balcony needs more detail, could be bad camera angle (camera angle is interesting regardless) but there are no supports, rails or more then one plane on balcony.
File: spent an hour on this bs.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x1080)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Well this was fun for all of three imsges
>daily thread on one of the slowest boards
You should know better. Try the origami board and give them daily challenges instead
File: cupRender.png (500 KB, 960x540)
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500 KB PNG
There was some turnover, however small. I don't want the thread to feel stagnant and like it's not being actively monitored, so as long as one or two people post a render that day, I'll switch up the theme the next day. Low post counts are just something to be expected on slow boards and not the end of the world.

Today's theme: cup!
That looks really good in a lot of parts, by the way. The wood grain is maybe a bit weird and really popping off to me, but the glass looks great and the stuffing on the chairs is good too, the little fold details really help to sell it. I don't know if you used a high focal length on that camera, which makes this perspective look a little funky, but overall I think it looks quite good.
Looks pretty professional to me, the carpets look great, you nailed the materials on that, the sofa, bed, pillows and curtains. The lighting seems quite neutral and natural, which gives the whole scene a nice, serene mood.

Some stuff looks off, you forgot to soften the edges on that brick that's holding the lamp thing. I also couldn't help but to notice that the roof above the bed seems more polished than the walls... not sure if intentional or not. The whole little sofa assembly front and center just feels off. The materials seem extreme, the stuffing looks far too aged and worn out, the cup looks like it's made out of chrome instead of ceramic, and the plate looks extremely flat.

It's still a really nice scene in other places, and I like all the cloth simulations you've done.
File: wut_wut.png (23 KB, 397x412)
23 KB
just now learning blender
This is a cup?
More like a bowl. Brimming with retardation.
Curtain on the ground looks like paper.
who lets their curtains go all the way to the floor and then some?
File: 6 (2).png (103 KB, 341x342)
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103 KB PNG
are you the funny guy from before i want to be friends with you so i can see all the funny posts you make they make me laugh unironic
trying to get better at modeling big head girls
Wtf are you doing? Did you read the op? Post you made models on the wip not here.

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