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File: 625237472.jpg (26 KB, 490x191)
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>two part tutorial on how to make a text mesh and slap emissive material on it
What happened to Andrew? He's channel is just flooded with interviews with literal nobodies.
A thread died at the bottom for this!?
Look at the threads at the bottom of the board. Tell me they deserve to live.
File: BlenderSoyboi.jpg (111 KB, 960x960)
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111 KB JPG
Can't wait till he does
>How to make a Lightsaber

It's like a ritual of passage for shitty internet tutorials.
He's not at that skill level yet.
90% of these threads don't deserve to live.
Worst part is that he literlaly just stole that tutorial from some other guy. It's almost 1:1.
He's a fucking rock-peddling hack.
Can you link the other tutorial? I kinda want to watch both, just for the cringe.
File: neon.png (94 KB, 479x891)
94 KB
Sorry, don't remember the name, and can't find it amongst the hundreds of results I get when googlin'.
But damn, just look at this shit. What the fuck made Andrew think that the world needed YET ANOTHER neon sign tutorial?
that's an ugly looking photo, increase the sampling Andrew.
Established brand, catchy effect, easy to do and easy to teach, even easier to make shekels.
Yeah, well that was a bit of a rhetorical question.
My point is it should be a bit embarrassing for someone who calls himself "the Blender guru" to copy such a simple tutorial.
Has this faggot no shame?
He just seems so pessimistic now, like he hates what he does. I thought the interviews were just padding until 2.8 came out, but really I think he is just burnt out on the channel and his work.

Fortunately there is no shortage of blender content on youtube, but it's sad to see him go out like this.
It's likely that his Youtube channel rakes in way less than it used to and all his other income sources do fine but as long as there's still time to do this, he will keep it up, I guess but maybe not for long
>inb4 change from Blenderguru to CGuru
>calls himself "the Blender guru"
Does he not call himself the buhlendah gooroo?

>but it's sad to see him go out like this.
I agree. It's like he's pierced a hole in my heart. Maybe that was the last donut he made, eyes glazed over.
>even easier to make shekels
Of course, a bagel's merely a Jewish donut to him.
i like your humor you made me laugh thanks
Andrew Who?

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