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Hi guise, I've been working more and more with motion design so I eventually moved on to start messing with Cinema 4d. So far it has been going great but lately I feel like motion design is not really my thing.

I have a background in 3d modeling for engineering projects using ProE and Creo (solid works aswel) and I would like to model some products in the downtime of my motion design freelances in hopes to eventually switch over to 3d modeling only again.

The question is: should I bother trying to model products like weapons, pc parts, sneakers in C4D, which I know it's doable, or just switch to a more assembly friendly program like 3dMAX? I find product modeling in C4D so weird after all the years using those big engineering softwares.
Honestly I would recommend you to just stick with your motion design field; modelling is a very competitive field nowadays especially if you can't even use sculpt yet.

The main problem for the modelling path are the cheap indians and russians that could build (more like kitbash) anything for below the standard rates. And since you're planing to build a portfolio filled with generic weapons, pc parts and sneakers (things where you could get for a penny in wechat) then you'll have exactly zero chance to be successful.
Like the other guy said, but I feel you just want a hobby c4d is fine. You don't need to switch programs
Thanks for the inputs, didnt know the market was so bad.

I guess i might take modeling as hobby for now

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