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Has anyone here considered doing something like a CGI-rendered graphic novel or manga? I'm a shitty 2D artist, but good at 3D modeling and rendering since I've been doing it for 19 years.

Telling a feature-length 3D story is bascally impossible for a single animator (try animating all of Frozen on your own), so I've wondered if a 3D-rendered graphic novel would be marketable. The renderings could be stylized and cell-shaded if need be. Even if it hasn't been tried, it could turn out to be a huge success... right? Maybe?

Has anyone tried this? Would anyone on /3/ be down to collaborate?
Those already exist and can garner quite an audience, though they're often DAZ fetish shit, so uhh... depends on your view of success. But it's not uncommon for 3D to be used as reference/tracing in comics, and stylised/cel-shaded 3D comics are pretty common (though not entirely mainstream) afaik.
I will say this, while visuals are a very important part of a comic/graphic novel, story remains paramount. Art draws people in, story keeps them there. Find yourself a good writer before thinking of artstyle and all that.
I already stole your idea and will make millions, thanks OP
most visual novels have far fewer images than a movie, so less rendering.
If you make the characters for a game, you don't have to render at all, the player's computer does the rendering. get Unity, start making a world, add some characters, block out a story
>graphic novels have less images than a movie
>better use realtime then
that's the opposite of what you want you mongoloid

fixed images = more quality needed
less images = more time can be allowed for each
pre-computed rendering is a way better option than realtime for this kind of shit
Visual Novels my friend.
I've seen some screenshots of VNs using 3D animation. But because VNs tend to be 5-10 hours (and those are the shorter ones, on average a VN is 30-40 hours and majority are 50 hours+), it'll be rare for them to use animation, even if they are reused. Even games that use these VN-like cutscenes will typically last around 5 min.

Also another thing is that 3D takes longer to render than 2D, so loading times will be longer. This seems obvious but it can play a role on whether people will pick it up and finish till the end; for example, I have a decent PC desktop, but I still prefer to play games like touhou or 2D games that'll quickly respond to player input/buttons (like mashing through the options and text in half a second). A lot of VN fans have been playing these games since the 90s up till now, and with the internet and computers being faster, they will prefer that fast input you can get from games that aren't resource heavy.

But that's just my personal observation. Try out somethings and see what works best.
Best of luck to you if you've figure something out and you do decide to make one.
What if I sculpt everything in zbrush and render it there, and then use those images as comic panels?
I got the idea because of zbrush's new npr in 2019
File: gigant.png (920 KB, 1080x1908)
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920 KB PNG

The who did Gantz and Gigant draws his characters by hand, but does backgrounds in CGI. I can't think of a manga that's all CGI, but
I wouldn't doubt one is out there.

There have been few comics in CGI, but nothing that's really caught on as far as I know. Marvel and DC both tried all CGI comics, but they didn't sell well. Granted it was early CGI which didn't help things. There have been a few comics made with DAZ and Poser, but I don't know if they have sold well.

I know there have been some mildly successful web comics done in CGI. And like >>671311
a ton of DAZ porn (And game rip porn.)

Is it doable? Yes. Is there a market for it? Now that's the tricky question.
The fuck is with that aliasing?
cg from the 90s
Gantz isn't from the 90s you fucktard.
Also, that's due to halftone and the print, not aliasing.

Just clueless fuckers on this board I swear...
if you're using programs made in the nineties it doesn't matter if you aren't in the 90s its still 90s cg tech
>Also, that's due to halftone and the print, not aliasing.
Look at the last panel and compare the lines of the hair with those of the face.
Seems to be a poor scan. If not, the raw definitely had its original resolution modified before typesetting based on how crisp the text is. I would blame it on the translation team if anything.
>Has anyone here considered doing something like a CGI-rendered graphic novel or manga?

making image fast is not a problem, but making a comic board is very long and boring.
this guy does

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