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Looking for someone who can make high quality anime style 3D models, for a large project.

Please leave your contact info bellow.

Payment is guaranteed.
hello sir kindly request your correspondence with spidermen inside to spiderverse five star render for you from india with team of my workers sir
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What's "high quality"? Would be great if you could provide some examples of what you're looking for and what kinda bar you're trying to set.

Does this look good? I can do meshes, UVs and a bit of texturing, both unlit and PBR, though the latter depends on what kind of HDR or lighting setup you got going to look alright. I can do some rigging and controls: IKs, pole vectors, reverse footing, the works. I can also retarget animations or make my own given enough references. I can make blendshapes but I'm not entirely 100% comfortable with them yet. I can export and get animations working in Unity.

I'm a Maya and Substance Painter main. I can flex zBrush a tiny bit when it's time to do stuff like hair strands or major body landmarks. Also have limited experience with Photoshop, Krita, xNormals and MD. I'm about as okay in hard surface as I am organic.

Feel free to post examples of what you want or give the thread an art test if you're so inclined, though be fairly warned, you're not likely to get a lot of replies.
Thank you.
Maybe something similar to 電脳少女シロ.
Or something similar to this.

Your work looks good. We need something with a lot of blendshapes since it will be used extensively in animation, and can work in Unity and MMD.
Yeah, those don't look very complicated to do, though it also depends what your poly and map budgets are, what kind of lighting you want for it, and what you generally want to do with it. The bigger concern is time and not difficulty, it may take a couple of weeks to get whatever you want done.

OSad#2107 Feel free to DM me on Discord if you're interested. I have a full-time occupation right now, but we can chat if you're willing and go from there.

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