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How do I accurately weight paint or assign vertices to rig a model in Blender?

I imported this from Vroid and it seems like an extremely complex model with tons of vertices and what-not.

Do I just have to very accurately use the brush and paint the sections according to body parts? There's gotta be a more accurate way to do this. Someone please help.
There is a way, yes, although maybe don't make a new thread for this kind of question.
I made the same reply in the blender thread. sorry. If you could answer I'd greatly appreciate it.
you can select whatever vertices you'd like to weight paint, use that menu on the far right that says "vertex groups" , adjust the weight value and select the vertex group you'd like to apply(eg in that picture, probably the chest group). Use weight paint mode just to visualize what's already been assigned / feather off some edges. the remove button (obviously) will remove weight paintings of the vertices you have selected
How do I go about selecting e.g. only the arm for weight painting in Blender?

If I want to select the arm in edit mode my method is to select a vertex on the end of the arm and then grow the selection unil I have selected all of the arm.
I want to do this in weight paint mode, but there is no way of growing the selection in weight paint mode?
Is there a way to select the body parts in weight paint mode quickly?

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