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What local-type jobs do you all usually find for freelancing?

I'm losing my mind at my current job, but have a decent amount saved up to quit and focus on my portfolio. If possible though, I'd like to do some freelance work here and there so I'm not losing money too fast.

From my limited experience, all I can think of are ad agencies, and they usually go for photo-editing artists more than pure 3D artists (not really counting motion-graphics work).

So what are some small, local industries where 3D artwork is steadily needed? Who do you go to when advertising yourself as a freelance 3D artist?
freelance is hard
if you want do it pick up animation, get half decent at it and you will find a steady job supply
my big studio is always looking for animators 24/7
on modeling its hard to compete with chinks and indians, i got few regular clients
I was a environment artist before so my portfolio easily got me freelance jobs at architecture firms. They'll pay a fuckton for visualisation albeit the work is a little bit boring.

Pick a specialisation and stick with it. If your skills are too general, you'll lose your chances to chicks and russian
The parasite races Pajeets and Zergs have ruined the 3d/vfx/gaming/movie industries.

You're better off just focusing on your own art work, and getting it to a level where you can sell prints or paintings.
is that dog okay?

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