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I want to do a 3D zbrush illustration of some 2D character designs I found on Arstation. What is the general courtesy for doing that regarding rights and attributing the original artist/illustration? Do I need to ask for permission?

I'd like to do them as a portfolio piece but I dont want to get in trouble if thats somthing thats generally frowned upon.
Just do what the artists usually do and say "Original Concept by [artist name]", link to the original post afterwards. Of course, it's always nice to ask for permission. But you aren't preying on any intellectual property when doing what essentially amounts to fanart, unless you plan to commercialise it/steal it for yourself, etc. Hell, the original artist might actually be really happy that someone considered their work that good to spend the time and effort to bring it into 3D.
I don't think 2D artists mind that you interpret their stuff in 3D as long as you credit/link to the original art. Probably not even necessary to contact them directly, but they might like the idea and give you the thumbs up. Basically this >>670471
just recolor some things and change the outfit a little give the original artist zero credit post your renders on pinterest and 2d artists will recolor your render and change the outfit a little and give you zero credit and post their concept on artstation and the cycle goes on and on and the incest cycle of shit churns eternally
aah /3/, never change
But this is how it works. Low tier artists shit out work on Artstation, Russians steal it, Zerglings steal from Russians, Pajeets steal from Zerglings, /3/ steals from Pajeets and repost it on Artstation. The eternal circle of shit is complete.
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>/3/ steals from Pajeets and repost it on Artstation

take away the sig, replace a couple of colours in photoshop, post it on instagram and tag it with #blender #greasepencil #c4d #octane etc
Doesn't mean that you have to be a part of this shitcircle.
I would just try to contact the concept artist and ask politely for permission.
>Doesn't mean that you have to be a part of this shitcircle
Life advice right there

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