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I'm having trouble combining or merging objects in Maya, and no tutorial seems to help.

So I'm trying to model with mirrored objects to speed up my workflow, and then merge / combine them back together.

For the mirroring approach used, I've tried the Duplicate Special option and the Mirror option. For some reason, maybe a glitch or setting selected, Duplicate Special has stopped working for me. The duplicate it creates of the object is invisible, can only see the glowing selection mark (this is also an issue I'm trying to deal with).

But when I try to merge a mirrored object back together, I try Combine, and then select the vertices and try Merge. If I set the threshhold number high, it merges all of them into one vertice, but any number below that and it does nothing.

I spent half a day yesterday trying to get it to work and nothing. Any thoughts?
OP here. A few additional thoughts.

I'm wondering if it could be a glitch of the program, since the Duplicate Special isn't working suddenly (and it was working before).

Or maybe it's some setting I accidentally set that needs to be changed. Or maybe it's a simple matter of selecting the right things, in object mode, or vertice mode, and in the right order. I might just be clicking the wrong things and the wrong commands in the wrong order. So I need an exact point by point list of exactly what to do. Unfortunately, several tutorials seem to give this and none of them are helping.
set it to .001 to merger boarder edges

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