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Does this board not have at least 1 jannie? The same guy has made 5 different threads so far?

one of my boards had an absolute maniac make a new thread every other hour, selfbumped so several of his threads would be on page 1 at a time, with a record of 8 at once, and jannies did fucking nothing.
t. lurker
this happened to /g/ before but unlike that there are actual jannies there so it was taken care of. Luckily the slowest board on this website and the one I visit /po/ doesn't have any jannies but doesn't have this kind of problem at all
Nope, much less a mod, I'm guessing. Thinking of applying the next time they're open since I'm basically on /3/ all the time (general maintainer/"general-san" here, 'sup). The board could definitely use some dusting then and again.
Though, next time you see one of those spam posts, I highly encourage you to just ignore it. Let it roll off page 10 and die. Takes like a month and more for a thread to do that here, so yeah, don't bump it at all. You could attempt to report it for low-quality/off-topic, but I'm not sure if a global mod would consider it so if they don't know the board culture.
I'd vote for you, generalisimo-san.
We need someone to hold back the hordes. A light touch is all this board needs.
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2.36 MB PNG

> I highly encourage you to just ignore it.
I wish more people would follow your advice. But alas, people will continue clicking and giving the thread precious (YOU)'s
you have my vote
>Anon boosts page 10, 3month old thread to page 1 with a shitty question that has nothing to do with the thread
>"Hey guys, how do I set up an armature?"
The circle of life continues

At this point I just keep sage on constantly. No use bumping on a board this slow.

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