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File: 1551619931452s.jpg (2 KB, 250x140)
2 KB
Anime looks fucking shit every time you use any shader that wasn't purpose built for an anime style holy fuck
Why are you posting this again? We all saw the wip thread and the post you made right after that a few weeks ago
I can't see her pantsu
looks incredibly shitty, have you no shame at all?
holy fuck this is the modeller here. its not fucking me
i just checked this isnt my model. i fucking panicked its 2 fucking am and i was phoneposting. Holy shit do we guys even have a jannie or mod for /3/
Little confused, so your not OP but your the guy who made the other kaguya model a few weeks ago and this isn't just someone who stole your model and claimed it as thiers? If so that is pretty funny
File: 2d vs 3dpd.png (615 KB, 916x614)
615 KB
615 KB PNG
(I don't know if you're a troll or not)

Study anime models. MMD has a fuck ton of those anime models and they're free. You can check out model rips from games that have that anime style too.
This goes for any cartoon/npr character: study how its modeled in 3d, and practice.

Making stylized characters in 3D is no easy task, the more stylized the character is (or furthers from realism), the harder it is to make a good 3d model of it (even with cel shading and outlines)
マクドナルド マック 藤が丘 詐欺 最低 最悪 暴言 差別 嘘 隠蔽 偽装 女マネージャー 女アルバイト
Game of Teapots: Season One.
i thought it was my model in a glance because of the shitty thumbnail. Thought i was hacked panic ensues because i literally just woke up at that time. Then i checked the shitty model just to confirm it wasnt mine.
File: nicetry.jpg (44 KB, 974x361)
44 KB
I think I can clear some confusion. I'm not either of the guys who made the models but the one OP posted is some shitty model that vaguely looks like the other anon's. The anon we're thinking of has his own model he posted in wip's which is also in the image (top right). This thread is from the same guy who posted 3 pictures of really shitty animals not long ago. Look at his other projects they're equally as shit.

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