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File: c.png (27 KB, 415x809)
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What's the best way to do character models for an rpg game?
I'm currently trying to do my first one, starting from a cube. Am I doing it right?
That is pretty decent polygonal optimization, mind sharing your method? I usually start with a 12 faced sphere
I'd start with a square sphere.
Look up the skin modifier. It has easy Rigging options and can be used to quickly get stuff going.
You basically make a skeleton first, then add the modifier. With some options you change the size of the result based on each vertex.
The google search is something like "Skin modifier rigged character"
Also, The character looks alright for the most part, but the chest and face will most likely not handle subsurface very well, should you opt to use that.
They both close in on a single point, which will generate tiny triangles where you do not need tiny triangles...
I would also recommend following at least 1 youtube tutorial to the second. I myself can for the life of me not create a convincing humanoid, but after getting frustrated, I just did one tutorial to try it out.


You can download it if you want, no skin off my back.
mind linking that tutorial, my dude?
This should be it. Shows the result in silence first.
>mind sharing your method?
unironically nothing, I just went on slicing and moving by instinct since I only wanted to do something barely looking humanoid, then I came back to refine it every once in a while and eventually turned out like that

P.S. does anyone know how to add a point into a segment?

God it's so obvious you're the OP from >>668296

Learn the basic terminology before posting at least.. There are many ways to add a VERTEX to an EDGE. Easiest is to just select edge and subdivide.
They were a bit rude, but yeah, that is what those things are called and yes, that is what you do to do that.
Press space and type "Subdivide" or find it in the sidebar, while having the edge selected (either through edge or through vertex selection) and you can add vertices between the two points (vertices).

Also, if you have something that has a clear row of quads (like a grid of squares) you can easily subdivide along that "Edge loop" by pressing "CTRL r"

Best way to subdivide is with the 'w' key.
I also learn everyday. Thanks.
(rather, I keep forgetting about the "W" key...)
w menu best menu
>Am i going it right?
Thats not a bad thing OP you're still learning after all.
Some advice, first avoid connecting some many edges to a single vertex. Second, make sure most of your faces are squares(quads), this will allow you to add more loops if needs be, you can use triangles(tris) for places were a quad wouldn't fit.
Do not listen to this poster. The skin modifier is a crutch and isn't a replacement for proper modelling.

Also it's totally fucked up and creates bad geometry at branches. They were even going to replace it but they just up and fucking abandoned it.
That poster here
I honestly did not know about the bad geometry. I usually do not do too much character modelling, so I just brought something up that seemed to be able to create a model quickly.
I guess I should've delved deeper into it before recommending it.
>Am I doing it right?
For a game? Hell no.
First of all, learn to model loops on topology - there has to be a visible, plain flow of things. Look up pro game ready models and see how 'perfect' the vertices are placed and spaced out. You're aiming for that. And most of them are placed by subdivisions and adding loops on originally blunt cubic meshes. If you're not doing it naturally, then there is a volume of work you have to go through in order to get a grasp and understanding how to hardmodel stuff, especially organics.
I'm no pro at cube modelling but it's mostly about subdividing, adding loops and inseting faces in correct places. Learn this.

Second of all, assuming this is a game model that is to be rigged and animated later, this is a 0 out of 10. You should design your mesh with rigging in mind beforehand. Don't read too much about rigging, first git gud with meshes, but here's few general tips when doing a model for rigging
>Good topo, evenly spaced out verts
>Everything is tris eventually - remove ngons if they're not part of a flat surface that isn't shifting
>Add extra loops in vicinity of bendable joints - knees, elbows, neck
>Tpose is best for rigging

Thirdly, I'm assuming it's your first game. Unless you're some kind of prodigy that turns everything to gold, you probably sould start making games from some very simple 2d thing. It may sound less exciting, but it will take shitload of time less than a 3d rpg game. While it will still take probably few months to complete.
File: fix.png (24 KB, 393x752)
24 KB
Made some slight changes.

>First of all, learn to model loops on topology - there has to be a visible, plain flow of things. Look up pro game ready models and see how 'perfect' the vertices are placed and spaced out. You're aiming for that.
Honestly, at the beginning I was aiming for nothing more than FF7-tier field models.

>you probably sould start making games from some very simple 2d thing. It may sound less exciting, but it will take shitload of time less than a 3d rpg game.
Too late for that, I already made an entire world map
File: wm.png (823 KB, 1426x1278)
823 KB
823 KB PNG
>I already made an entire world map
(pic related)
procedural generation?
no, I first draw a map with Paint, colored it with darkness proportional to altitude, and added some noise with Gimp.
Then I used it for a Displace modifier in Blender.
File: 0000000228.1920x1080.jpg (288 KB, 1024x768)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Damn boys, Darwinia 2 is looking good.
Ryan, my man just stop. We're worried about you
File: f.png (703 KB, 1468x1380)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
OP here. Does pic related looks convincing as a futuristic building?
File: smug.jpg (17 KB, 228x228)
17 KB
It looks like the sh*t a mage would wear as hat in a Final Fantasy game.
no, it looks like a pile of shit made with primitive shapes
zero originality or sense of concept whatsoever
File: file.png (675 KB, 1067x800)
675 KB
675 KB PNG

le yikes!
Don,t be rude.
I liked.
that's just because you probably have shit taste too, anon
File: Capture.png (124 KB, 561x787)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
not OP but kinda similar situation.
doing this model for a game and need advice.
is it ok to have theses triangles? dont know how to connect the legs properly..
change the gray parts to gold and it will look like a protoss building
Depends. How much glute are you animating? Topology is used for easier texturing and animating. My suggestion is to not worry about it and do it. You can always remake your model, and when you do, you will either be frustrated with what you did or not really care that you did it that way.
File: addendum.png (691 KB, 1724x1358)
691 KB
691 KB PNG
made some slight improvements
Looks like an abstract fidget spinner.
nice vibrator
glass fabricators would hate you
I love this channel.
>moved on to literaly building bodies
File: Cattura.png (21 KB, 325x698)
21 KB
added nice hair
Is that Balamb Garden?
Another question: how should I deal with animation? Do them in Blender and them import them to Godot, or should I do them directly on Godot?
This fixed model is better. For rigging you should also add some bend-friendly loops in knee/elbow areas.

>Too late for that, I already made an entire world map
nigga, please. It will be too late once you'll be left with only polishing to do.
File: city.png (328 KB, 1315x834)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
and now for some houses
File: city2.png (331 KB, 1322x841)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
how do I put them in circle instead of lined-up?

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