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/3/ - 3DCG

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Wait wtf is this board
Been here for 10+ years
Is this 3d printing stuff or more like web design?
File: 1548691837774.png (326 KB, 970x545)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
>3d printing
>web design
Just clicked here by accident and checks the sticky
It says 3d imagery

So if I'm correct this is a 3d model thing or are you internet artists and you create some kind of artwork using windows paint?
I dont know much about this place

Damn. Even worse this is a dead board
Didnt know these places existed. What's the post count on here like the same 30 people??
Think cgi.
I'm only here because it's the default board for clover atm. They make little 3d models, I'm not sure what for though, no one ever posts any 3d prints or animations or anything. They don't like blender as well bc it's worse for whatever reason at making their little cg models
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
One guy got paid like 300 dollars to make a model so some teenagers could use a picture of it as an album cover, the post is probably still up somewhere.
Apparently took him like 100 hours or something though so I think it's sort of a hobby/buisness for most of them, the same way people on tumblr and fiver do commissions for like fury drawings or Twitter avatars
>3d prints
Takes the "CG" out of 3DCG, of course you don't see that stuff here.
Fair enough, shit's too tedious and worth your time to post on 4chan of all places. But you come across them then and again.
Hop into the /wip/ if you want to see people sculpting waifu. If not you can enjoy the endless arguing.
>blender being worse
Semi-board meme, semi-truth. Not relevant to you if you don't do 3DCG, don't read into it to save your sanity.
Phoneposters disgust me. You guys don't even have the consideration to set your apps up so you don't end up on /3/ all the time.
So you've been here for 10+ years, but you're a frog poster? You're either a gamergate/election fag or you came from reddit and skimmed encyclopedia dramatica pages to "fit in"
This place is a trash fire but it's my trash fire, board isn't dead just very slow, like every other hobby board that isn't a normie hobby like photography. We literally have no mods though so please don't spam posts or good old threads will die.
The ad on top of pol said 'give me a job' for this board so I naturally figured it was a job posting board. I only found you faggots playing with digital mmmm crayons instead
nothing for you here
get back to your motherboard, /b/ fag
you are lacking the IQ and skill for 3D
we just make fun of people that waste thier time using blender, nothing much , nothing less
This is the board dedicated to high-end VFX and general CGI for assisting in making propaganda for the rightful side. We "take" photos, "film" videos, all with the purpose of furthering the agenda against Jews and SJWs. We, /3/, are your brethren, /pol/. You don't hear much about us simply because it is best for our mutual interests. Let it be that way -- the less the masses know about how visual "documentation" is made, the better for our cause.
This is the default sub for clover i think
Holy fuck, I fucking hate you.
r/d/ is my favorite sub4channel
I call them subchannels. Pls no hate
downvoted, lol

Sent from my Apple iTrololo.
/3/ is so small that it probably be moved to a discord server in its entirety and nothing bar anonymity would be lost

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