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There are not really any mass benchmarks for Maya and zbrush.
Do these programs accelerate rendering using graphic cards? What is most important, high clock or number of cores, any major performance difference between AMD and Intel?
Also of course how much memory would be optimal.
maya and zbrush are not renders, you want to look up benchmarks for things like vray, corona, cycles, mental ray, etc.
Neither of these "render", unless you mean just in the viewport.
>high clock or number of cores
Maya and ZBrush are multithreaded, as should any productivity workload be. More cores is always better in that case, since you can get significantly more performance out of just having more cores there rather than clock speed. Don't completely shoot yourself in the foot and get one of those uber workstation CPUs with a billion cores but running at 2.4GHz though, clock speed still comes in at a close second priority.
* Maya & ZBrush also have maximums in thread count, I hear 32 threads being the estimated maximum but apparently it can differ.
>any major performance difference between AMD and Intel
Shouldn't be a thing. If you hear things like "AMD works faster than Intel!" note the compared CPUs' clock speeds and core counts.
>how much memory
16GB ought to be bare minimum for any 3DCG workload, 32 is comfy and 64 should be about touching overkill for a solo workstation/workload. Of course, if you're doing any GPU rendering you'll need to note VRAM rather than pure RAM. Depending on application VRAM overusage can spill into RAM usage with no hitches though.
Still, these are the tools my pal uses for making 3D models, and on his craptop shit's hopeless.
He plans to get himself proper desktop, 1.2-2k for it, more than enough, but gotta be smart with money.
So what these programs utilize and require the most?

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