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Hey /3/ not sure if this is worth it's own thread but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough...

I'm looking for any references for what William Gibson coined as the 'Deck' in Neuromancer - you'd probably call it a Battlestation (also - battlestation thread? go for it if you want...)

The Deck is just an elaborate human-interface hardware setup - You know the drill - the gear that the anti-hero plugs himself into so he can do his thing... pretty standard Cyberpunk stuff by now obvs...

I'm looking for anything like this from movies / animation / comics / games that you think looks cool. Can you help?
Ideally - the more grunge-y and lo-fi it is, the better; but really - just anything like it that looks neat. Think of something that looks like a fucked up old hospital bed.... held together with tape.... ragged upholstery.... cables all over.... jerry-rigged modifications..... covered in sweat, blood....

Things like space-ship cockpits are cool too.... any little spot where a human sits / lays down and controls a bunch of complicated tech, either on a display, or VR setup, or that they plug themselves directly into...

Bonus points for integrated life-support tech...

Thanks in advance if you can help....
No, it's not worth it, there is a request board for this, you just killed a thread for something you could've just googled jfc.
For shame

RIP in peace little thread.
You're up there with Harambe now.
File: pinterest cyberdeck.jpg (458 KB, 1639x943)
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Since I like the image in your op I will point you to pinterest.com Op.
File: c04897548.png (92 KB, 573x430)
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Anime - GITS. Roujin Z, Akira, Neo Tokyo, Memories.
Movies - Blade Runner, Battle Royale, Pacific Rim, Edge of Tomorrow, The Running Man.
Videogames - Horizon: Zero Dawn, Borderlands, Bayonetta, No More Heroes, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Time to buy a new keyboard, matey.

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