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i use The Movies for pretty much all my 3d animation needs. it’s somewhat weak on physics and effects, so in those cases I tend to turn to. garry’s mod.

every thread is always blender vs maya/3dsmax, so I thought I’d change it up to see if anyone else uses this underappreciated Software?
based and redpilled
>garry's mod
UNIRONICALLY this. best program, prove me wrong
>pro tip: you can't
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Get that weak shit out of my face

Now, 3d movie maker
Aaaah, yep, they dont make them like this anymore. I spent an obscene ammount of time doing films in this and showing them to my family and friends.

Movie making games are the best introduction to 3d that a kid can ever have.
I use the Sims 4 for my freelance archviz work

Is there a way to port those models? I have a copy of that somewhere but i wouldnt know where to start with 1995 era formats
I bought that years ago as a laugh for $5 at Walmart. I never got around to installing it though. I'd be surprised if it even works on a modern machine.
I used to play with this with my son when he was just a little guy. I made a video once with two people sitting at the cafe having a talk and then the baby came flying through the scene yelling "wee I'm a flying baby" and the scene continued as if nothing happened. My son thought it was the funniest thing he ever saw so all the movies he made after that had a random flying baby in them. Good times. Good times. Now he's grown and off living on his own working and living in another city. I wonder if I still have that old CD somewhere.

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