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How hard is it to get a /3/ job? Just curious. I don't even do 3d stuff but I would guess it's super hard.
you'd be surprised by the absolute retards large productions will take on
Not op but could you give any examples? Genuinely curious
Depends. With big studios everything is usually pipelined so tightly you just do you small task and send it off to the next guy. Certain roles like rigging and fx tend to be more involved. At the lead or supervisor level things are an order of magnitude or two more complex.
easy no qualifications no problem just draft houses and extrude all day
>solidworks/serious engineering
gonna need some certs or a degree
gonna need some degree, connections, skills, and live in LA or Vancouver.
>how hard
3d jobs dont pay as well as the other jobs you could be doing. Most 3d jobs are not artistically fulfilling work. Even entertainment just expects you to copy the concept art (photobashed generic shit). Personal projects and small crowdfunded teams are the only real times 3d modelers get any creative control. The only advantage to working a soul crushing 3d job is you learn skills from grinding all day in an office that you cant learn on the weekend.
it depends on the place that you live.

some studious give a chance based solely on work ethic and portfolio.

other studious will only accept students from a specific college, some will only accept if you have 10 years of experience. with some your race and age matter.

its mostly a shitshow based on politics. look at games like fallout 76 and mass effect, those are example to companies that filter based on stupid rudimentary shit.

advertising and marketing is much more pleasant, so is archviz. don't be afraid to actually show up and apply at the company because some retards don't even read emails
It's honestly hard/easy

Hard if you're a loser with a barebones portfolio

Easy if you either sucked a dick or know people or your former profs (if you went to school) forward your portfolio.

Me? My former prof "likes" my 3D work on facebook but never helps me get a job so I started to hate 3D despite still enjoying it
>Posts work to Facebook
>Get's a petty like from teacher
>Boy, getting a job in 3d sure is hard!
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Depends on what you do, but its seems to be very hard.

Ive been doing character design for 9 years, and ive been on the picks page of artstation multiple times with thousands of likes on all of those images from people at the top of the industry, and ive still never had any job offers. Even been asked many times by a bunch of CG and art magazine asking if they can put my work in their mags.

You hear alot of artists say "just put your work out online, and if its good enough you'll get hired". I feel this is complete bullshit. I see people who arent that great working at some of the biggest companies, and makes me question how they even got a job. I feel we are being lied to by alot of these people.
Its over.
Honest question, how much have you tried by submitting resumes/portfolios to potential employers?
there is a certain 3d college in my country that is funneling students to a specific studio.

now im not saying that's wrong, but its like a factory line of college to studio and judging by the students portfolios they are defiantly not ready for real grunt-work.
some students even become teachers at their own schools. and that type of closed-shell system is fucked up.
looking around online, some of the students that got a job barely have a portfolio to speak of, mostly a shitty 5 min reel in vimeo displaying basic animation skills
Interested in a porn commission?

If it's some niche art shit that only you like then you will get a lot of those sympathy likes but honestly nobody really gives a shit about your art.

I pitched a game idea and script to a game company and got hired for being at the head of the project believe it or not. I never thought I'd say that but I'm so glad I won't have to bother with 3d anymore. Way too time consuming for even the most basic assets. When it comes to art I'd rather do 2d concept art/digital painting.
Have you, I don't know, tried reaching out for a job? Rather than "waiting for offers to come in"? You never know, what if people are thinking "wow this guy's so good I bet he's so constantly in demand he'll never respond to me"?
Everybody knows this: You need connections to have a (good) job. Period. But you need to make those connections first.
>who you know not what you know
I still find it hard to believe you're getting rejected everywhere with the US unemployment rate at an all time low of 3.9%. Are you on Linkedin? In California? Willing to work a lame 3d job? Easy money right now.
A design engineer is a person who may be involved in any of various engineering disciplines including civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, textiles, aerospace, nuclear, manufacturing, systems, and structural /building/architectural.

We build tangible products and we have tangible prospects. You just have to demonstrate mechanical acuity in your portfolio.

Also you don't have to go through the ephemeral iterative bullshit involved with game design, CG or the likes.
>You just have to demonstrate mechanical acuity in your portfolio.
Without an engineering degree? No way, right?

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