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Backlit sign... I'm having trouble with realistic renders in 3DS Max 2016 using MentalRay. I've googled it and tried tutorials, but none really provide the photorealism I'm trying for. Attached pics are relevant examples (random googled images). Any tips or good tutorials?
If shit like this is what you're modelling, you're dealing with clueless advertisers and/or business owners who are simply in awe at your 3D wizardry.

Don't ask /3/ autists, your clients are amazed.
Actually, I'm just a hobbyist. I don't have clients or advertisers to worry about. I'm just modeling a couple sci-fi architecture scenes that could benefit in realism if the friggin backlighting rendered better.

If I was a professional and relying on google and /3/, I should probably find a new career...
You would be surprised.
File: fuck you op.png (287 KB, 700x466)
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at least post a picture of your current result so we know what you're missing
also >>>/3/questions/ asshat
That doesn't look real....
if you want to get it right look up how they're manufactured and where the lights are placed.

i think the letters are hollow and the led strips are on the inside walls (facing inwards) to diffuse the light instead of going straight to the wall.

hollow out the letters, select the faces you want to convert into light strips and convert them into mesh lights.

if you want to totally autistic map hdris of leds onto the the light strips.

if it still doesn't look right, there's something wrong with your materials.
sometimes emission shader is enough to produce a small amount of backlight.

but you could also have carefully placed lamps

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