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How do I avoid getting scammed by clients that get me to do work for them but pay less than the agreed amount or don't pay at all?
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Free: https://gumroad.com/l/mczch
I ain't clicking that shit

And this is why you will never get anywhere.
Start by only delivering the finished product after you get paid.
Doing an invoice in Photoshop? WTF, man?
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>do proper paperwork that protects both you and the client from any misunderstanding
>require half of the amount before starting
>do the work, address feedback, etc
>show the final but don't provide the files
>get the final half of payment
>deliver the files

it's as easy as that

Get a contract, get paid half at the start (so they have an investment in the project). It's also good to keep a detailed list of hours worked/what was worked on, and progress shots, so if someone get's pushy you can say "hey, I've been working on this for this long, you owe me".

Even when you do everything right, you're still gonna have people that slip through the cracks. Best advice is to lawyer up, or take them to small claims court. If it's international it's a good idea to put something in your contract saying if things need to be taken to court, the jurisdiction is in your home country. That way you can sue them for what you're owed and they don't technically have to be there, but are still liable. It's a pretty gray area but it's still a good idea to look into it, seeing how most freelance work is done online and not always with the same country.

Even before all that...
Watch this. It applies to graphic design, but I think it's still relevant to any freelance artist. Intro is pretty stupid though.
This but also watermarking all your renders until you send the master.

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