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I want to get into animation and I just started using blender yesterday. I watched all of BlenderGurus donut bullshit and went through the basics pretty quickly. I get onto rigging and I have been trying for fucking hours and it wont work. Automatic weights does shit all. Can someone save me from my existential crisis?
>using blender
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does your cube even have geometry ffs
Ok, judgy faggot.
Im not sure maybe that's the problem or whatevr
Ctrl-R and add loopcuts. You need Geo to be able to bend.

Also make sure you're in pose mode when you move the bones.
You're better off learning animation, and not rigging, if you don't even know how to model. Seriously, you can (and probably should, if that's your goal) focus on animation and disregard the rest.

Also, Maya.
Thanks, Ill give it a shot.
If I cant rig ill fuck off and give maya a go.
Don't bother with rigging if you want to learn animation.
Its like learning how to produce music if you actually want to learn how to dance.
WTF man?

>If I cant rig ill fuck off and give maya a go.
You can't rig and its a waste of time if you want to do animation, so fuck off right now and get Maya, there is a reason why people recommend it.

There are several high quality production rigs available for free.
Fine, Ill give it a try.
Also i found out how to rig.
wtf nigger just watch this

Literally what I just did.
"blender isnt used in the industry"
"Blender is slow, dont use it!!!"
"blender is bad"
People who thing 3d programs matter are hilarious.
All the movie industry need from you failures are basic shapes.

Aftereffects > all 3d software.
Nice bait. But everybody knows that Blender compositing > AE.
File: 1550523855834.png (26 KB, 713x611)
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>OP asks how to bind a bone to a cube
>"hey there buddy, just use maya!"

the current state of autodesk users in 2019
10/10 shitposting
nuke > AE > ms paint > blender
why the fuck do the blendlets keep insisting that it does EVERYTHING?
You forgot some
Nuke > Flame > Fusion > Mistika > SilhouetteFX > MambaFX > AE > Piranha > Hitfilm > Natron > ms paint > Blender

>why the fuck do the blendlets keep insisting that it does EVERYTHING?
Because that is EVERYTHING they have.
kek dude thanks for the complete list
are silhouette and mamba really better than AE? i don't know them, what are the pros here?
depends on who you ask, its also not quite easy to quantify.
I choose this order because Mamba and Silhouette are used for feature films and AE is not really used there (unless its for title sequences).
Both are node-based and pretty robust. In terms of amount of functionality, taking the huge plugin market into account i would say AE is probably more versatile but lacks quality.

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