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When the fuck is it coming out? I need to know if there are any substantial changes for the software before I invest rich man's pocket change into the 2018 version.
> inb4 anons direct me to CGpeers.
ZBrush is going subscription model in March dude.
I'm ready for the mass exodus, gonna be very very funny.
Please don't even joke about that, my heart sunk for a quick second there.
Would you say anything in zbrush is vital compared to what you get with core?
I've "evaluated" an older version and want to get a real copy some day.
"Subscription" is the reason why i´ll never purchase a legitimate copy of 3ds Max, even being the only software i truly dominate.
This is why i never complained about Blender or it´s users. The real alternatives to 3ds Max and Maya are, what? Cinema 4D? Houdini?
If Zbrush gets a working rigging/animation module and keeps his eternal upgrade policy (or even if they switch to a profit limit agreement model, like the one in Unreal Engine), they´ll bury Autodesk permanently, forever, and without any hope of recovery.
I'm poor af
is persian education center 2018 release allright? heard they put a timebomb inside which screws you up
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>doesnt use torrented version of zbrush
What about Modo? Couple it with Houdini and a good third-party renderer, and you got a solid suite.
this thread has been up for a week and it has 8 non helpful replies. slow board fags are the worst.
It's being unveiled march 5th, found it myself.
Shit, March 5th it is! I'll have to wait for the educational release, though. I wonder how long it usually takes to be available at the usual retailers?
>new licensing model
subscriptions confirmed
but where is the crack
On the usual sites, since a few hours ago.
nuh uh where
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Torrented version works, where would the exodus even go? Maya?

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