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I tried welding together two tools in zbrush - the head from an earlier version of a model welded to the body of a later copy of the model.

The technique I used I think attached them but made them overlap some, causing the graft lines in pic related.

Any tips on how to fix that area, around the neck? I've tried dynameshing.
just be yourself
I know this problem. There is no solution to this as far as I know. I would suggest using Blender instead. It has advanced cappabilities.
Doesn't ZBrush have something akin to booleans in other software?
next time weld them before you've gone and set the details.
Mask the area off and relax it.
Check the Ask ZBrush videos by Pixologic.
And if you absolutely can't find a solution then just ping them on twitter.
>Merge the two subtools, dynamesh, and smooth the seam
If the result makes you lose too much details in the process, then instead go:
>Duplicate both subtools as backup, merge the head and body, dynamesh, subdivide, reproject the subtools you had in backup, smooth the seam

noob reply, very bad advice
>all those retarded posts

Man just use zmodler brudge option
Remove enough geo form the neck till you got a small gap left
Select zmodeler, hover over and edge, right click and pick bridge, then left click neck edge then ehad edge
You cna bridge even very dense models this way

And if you arent retard in math and both meshes had the same amount of polies around the neck you can even not lose any sub levels, delete lower sublevels on both and just add edges on the bridge part of 2 to power of your sub levels -1, then press reconstruct sublevels
merge head and body mesh, duplicate them, dynamesh one of them to a value that looks good, zremesh it, again dynamesh the other one to a value that looks good, have them both visible, do a project all and subdivide the zremeshed one, repeat a couple times, now you have subdivisions and the seem problem is gone.
Thanks guys, will start trying these.


Stitch is another option. Mild time investment, but 100% clean weld, with none of the unpredictable bullshit of dynamesh and remeshing.

If you haven't learned how to use the Zmodeler brush, now's your chance. Should be the second or third tool every Zbrush aficionado learns.

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