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Hello there /3/, i am looking to get into the entertainment industry and i would like to learn 3D modeling, can someone help me out
I'm studying graphic design and so far we've only worked with Maya, but I found it fairly easy to use. I believe they have a free trial and also there is a bunch of Maya tutorials online, so I think you should have a go at it anon.
I would recommend starting out with box modelling.
Dont worry about which program too much, just spin a wheel and pick a random one (I use maya, 3dsmax and cinema4d and all are good enough).
Start out only using primitives (cubes, cones, spheres) then move on to editing the polygons and veticies of these primitives.
Whenever you get stuck, google it (after trying to figure it out)

Autodesk software is free with a student license.
Do Grant Warwick's hard surface modeling course, the principles are software agnostic. Then do Pavlovich's ZBrush series to cover organic sculpting.
OP here, i just wanna say thanks, sorry it took so long to reply, i thought the thread was dead

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