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has any anon got this?
is it any good?
do you recommend?
why arent there any book sharing threads?
you can tell by the cover that this isnt gonna be worth your time lol
well im guessing the guy isn't banking on amazing design and imagery and instead is packed with info on techniques, i don't know anon i try not to judge by the cover, but i haven't found any reliable reviews
Is this just for animation?
Anon, with stuff like this I always go with the thought: Is it going to make you any dumber?
If not, whats the big deal.
Try and see if you can find some demo pages online if you doubt.
r/uc9aq0cr on volafile
clickbait in book form
have they stopped making all these books? There used to be a new Introducing or Mastering Maya 2016,2017 etc every year ?
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seeders are overrated
Most of my books come from /ic/ but I strongly believe that 2D and 3DCG have interconnected disciplines and underlying principles.

Pushing Points(probably the only truly "/3/" book in this list. topology and all it takes.)
Game Programming Gems(there are several volumes, one of the most interesting imo is 8th by Adam Lake: very useful if you are interested in how things really work inside and maybe wish to write your own shader or solver at some point)
[Koos Eissen\Roselien Steur] Sketching series(Despite intended clearly for 2D product designers, LOTS of useful ideas and actually working techniques for ideation and creativity training, never expect anything less from these guys, new ideas is their job after all)
[Scott Robertson]How to Design(Robertson employs all sorts of tricks to get his concepts done and in this book he shares at least some of his secrets, they will help you too since every model starts from concept)
Illusion of Life & Animator's Survival Kit(Animation, basically a twin bible at this point, authors don't need to be mentioned everyone know them anyway)
[Mike Matessi]Force - Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators(gesture\rhythm\energy of life\whatever you name it applies to our stuff too!)
[Joseph Gilland]Elemental Magic(2D VFX, but it's still worth reading out since they tell about underlying principles and beautiful books worth reading overall)
[Marcos Mateu-Mestre] Framed Ink(composition, mainly composition. explains almost everything you need to know about this tricky beast)
[Uldis Zarins\Sandis Kondrats]Anatomy for sculptors(very good atlas)


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