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File: img-2019-02-14-034428.png (2.33 MB, 1699x927)
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Working on recreating my room in blender as a bit of practice (all I've done before is the donut)

any suggestions? I'm trying to make all the materials procedurally using nodes, should I just suck it up and stop fucking around with that and download some premade materials?
File: img-2019-02-14-035115.png (60 KB, 333x519)
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Also, every time I try to apply a material to one face in 2.8 the whole fucking program crashes, so I'm being forced to make each face I want to material differently into seperate objects. pls help :(
there's a WIP thread for this.

there's a /blender/ general for this

sorry for being a dick.
Incase you are still here, You can put materials into groups and use texture painting with a mix shader node to determine what has what material.
You may need to look texture painting up and/or see how to efficiently unwrap all materials into a black white texture, where you just move the faces that should have one specific material onto one or the other.
File: 609-normal.jpg (117 KB, 512x512)
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117 KB JPG
It is very obvious you are using procedural noise for your normals. Try using something less procedural.
Just google "wallpaper normal map"

As an example try out this texture (pic related). It looks kind of like wallpaper.
Just tweak your procedurals and don't use ugly low res normal maps.
Lol woops, forgot to read all of your post.
Yes, try and use premade materials or a mixture of both.
but walls dont have that kind of texture, maybe ceilings do from like the 1960s but its usually just flat or have a fuax finish to them
m8, your walls/ceiling don't have to look like a cobblestone surface. Think subtle and turn down the intensity. You need some sort of structure in your surfaces.
Roughcast or pebble dash is easy to do with procedurals.
File: shit.jpg (78 KB, 600x450)
78 KB
>JPG normal map
Don't use compressed normal maps.
Also, you map is way too small. Quickly leads to tiling and that is a no go in modern Archviz.
you seriously need to cut the strength of your normal map by half, there's no way your walls are this gritty looking in real life. Also your tabletops look really weird
>people still bumping a 20d old thread
Anons, this anon had already posted in the previous /wip/s and made much improvement to his project. Your words are falling on no ears at this point.
This is one of the reasons why general-enforcing is so anal on /3/, people will continue to bump a thread with what's essentially become worthless information, pushing it to the top and allowing the cycle to continue.
guess he shouldn't have made this thread then
besides, aren't you bumping it yourself? (^:

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