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guys i want to make sweet shinny monster skin and guts but i cant find any good resources on painting subdermal epidermal and scattering maps.

p.s. im not rendering in blender guys sorry
>bake a curvature and thickness map
>or better yet paint it yourself
now fuck off
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So that's how you do it, hmm hmmmm
The maps are just the fine-tuning you need to dial in the settings in the shader and the scene light so that your material renders like a fleshy rubber without any maps at all.
then it will be self evident what values do and what colors you will need in them maps to get the look you're going for.

In general it's not so much subsurface scattering that makes flesh looks like flesh as it is getting the diffuse falloff and reflections right (aka the BRDF)
so that is priority #1 to nail if you want something organic to look highly believable.
For something very translucent like a sludge or larvae sure SSS is very big part of the effect but on creatures like humans it's a very subdued and overestimated effect.

In daylight conditions you could render skin with or without any subsurface scattering and you should hardly notice the difference because the backscatter is such a small part of the returned light.
Artists routinely use several hundred percent higher than realistic values when they first start doing this stuff because they think it's the magic bullet that will make skin look real.

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