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I realise it might be a meme question (At least it's not a programs war thread) but do you people have any ideas, advices, explanations on how to replicate the style they used for this JoJo fighting game: https://youtu.be/R7DDnpw2T68?t=557
(Especially starting from the timestamp I put since the models are slimmer and that's what I'm aiming for)

I'm getting into 3DCG specifically for video games and when I see the critics of some assets you people posts, I definitely know that I'm not reaching for the level of details you guys aim for.
I love that game's artstyle so if I could specialise on that particular artstyle, I'd be more than happy even tough it's not that detailed (compared to models for movies or shortfilms I mean or even other games).

So tell me everything you can tell me by looking at this video, I mean everything, I need as much infos as possible so I can practice to reach that level. Let it be in terms of texturing, modeling, shading, I need every information about that artstyle.
I'm a little bit more interested in the faces than the rest but like I said, I want every piece of knwoledge you can extirpate from this video.
Do you know anything about anatomy or even 3d modelling in general?
If not, start there and start drawing.
We're not here to spoonfeed you. If you can't tell what you need to be doing from looking at it, you're not ready to be working on it.
Well I'm a beginner but I know enough to actually model some shit like a house, furnitures. I suck at organic modeling but I'm still learning. What I lack is practice more than anything else.
Didn't get into texturing yet but I'd like to become better at modeling first. I know anatomy and I can draw fine.

But I'm pretty sure there are things to be said on what I asked that I could not guess on my own even if I finished my learning of 3DGC
>I suck at organic modeling
>I know anatomy and I can draw fine.
I assume you mean polygonal or subdivision organic modeling. Have you tried sculpting?
File: hmmm.jpg (21 KB, 393x360)
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No not yet to be honest, the course'section on modeling was subdivised in 3 parts. Hard surface modeling was piss easy but I got fed up with organic modeling and put it aside for the moment and went straight for the second session of the course wich is rigging and animation. Sculpting was the third part of the modeling section.

But I didn't feel like sculpting would be a major thing for me to use since in most the other videos I watched (not the ones from the course I mean), people would rarely use sculpting. I think I actually never saw someone use that. I might be wrong tough. Guess I was wrong about that.
Learn to draw this shit and you will be 85% of the way to modeling and shading it
Okay I'll take your word for that
Nowadays, sculpting is key to character/creature modeling. Many times the sculpting is done from a clean base mesh if the concept is clear; but if this is not the case, sculpting is where exploration/concepting takes place, leading to a finished model that is then retopologized into a mesh with proper topology, which will carry the details from the sculpt using textures and shading techniques like normal or displacement maps.

Since you know how to draw and know anatomy, I'd suggest you give a try to specialized sculpting tools (ZBrush, 3DCoat, or Mudbox). Chances are you'll find it natural, after learning the UI well enough to not stand in your way.
Is Maya a good tool for that? You didn't mention it so I'm wondering.
I'm asking because I actually picked a course on learned modeling from Maya so I'd rather know right now before I get too far into it.
not him
maya seems to have basic sculpting, doesnt look that good tough
Maya will do everything except sculpt very well and is dependable, but you need a real sculpting program like zbrush.
As for this style, the others are right, it took about one second and half a minute of video to realise they model and rig for extreme deformation, arms broken out of their socket as the norm, legs having enough hip space to go past the splits.
The animation is easy though, for the models you should try modeling greek statutes.

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