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Sorry for this generacy.

But. im a failed comic artist. Or rather one in training. I wanted to make a hentai with a story. I uploaded pages online, but i just never got any views cause im pretty bad at drawing. ive been tossing and turning in my bed, thinking about future. And i come to conclusion; drawing doesnt feel rewarding at all.

im thinking about what i want from art. And
i want to capture that feeling of being 14 again and watching hentai at 3 am on a school night- the greatest feeling in world.

so. i was thinking. Maybe i should try to do some episodic porn series, with 3d animation. But. i have no idea what i would be getting myself into. And how many months of work i would be looking forward to; creating my 5 min episode 1 of porn series

So /3/. I ask.
Should i do it. Should i try to make my hentai series with 3d modeling and give up drawing? Or not. I will say, it will be weird doing animation, since i am a manga purist (except for fapping)
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The most real answer you'll ever get on this fkn board.

Your 2D skills (however much of it) will give you a good head start with 3D, your constructive knowledge of characters and forms will allow you to simply learn the digital tools and get right into it.
If your early work is shit you'll just have to keep going, over and over again getting better over time.
1st irony, if you put the time and effort into 3D from now on into 2D again you'll do much better than your first attempt and probably make it.
Your low feelings thwards 2D right now has you looking for escape in another direction but in the end it's all the same. whatever you put the most time and effort into is what you'll be better at.
At the end of the day it's all work, the enjoyment comes after when you see the end result and it's good~

3D end result is much more difficult to make look good than 2D, not only are you learning and modeling your assets but you have to learn texturing-lighting (with different renderers) material workflows and scene building to just make 1 decent render anywhere good looking.
You can cut corners with a game engine and bought assets but that only gets you so far.
Once you start 3D you keep learnning more and more technical shit that you may or may not ever use again.

In terms of workflow with 3D animation you're doing all the same things a 2D animator does with the exception of posing a rigged character.... that's it.
You storyboard, setup the scene and Pose-Pose-Pose aka drawing a pose-drawing a pose-drawing a pose.
It's the same shit, the PC doesn't really save you time if you're making good animations, the time savings are for noobs/ asians cutting corners with 2 poses and basic interpilations.

So in the end my advice is to do both, continue with your drawing and 2D animation, start learning 3D to feel it out properly, don't commit to anything 3D nor commit to never touching 2D again.
>Should i try to make my hentai series with 3d modeling and give up drawing?
If drawing doesn't feel rewarding, then don't even think about starting 3D.
3D is much more technical, hard to learn and demanding than drawing.
Don't think you can just learn all of that without effort, it takes years until you'll get good at it.
Character design and proper character animation is the premium discipline in 3D, everybody wants to do it, only a few have it in them to actually do it successful. You're most likely not one of them.
Not to mention that the hentai market is already flooded with shitty 3D porn.
Nobody needs more bad porn from failed self-thought "artist".
Might as well try, right?

Do some tutorials, get a grasp on the basic tools, then start diving into your hentai project. Any time you get stuck, look online for a tutorial and apply it to your hentai project. Having a end goal like that (the hentai project) is a great way to learn since it will keep you from becoming bored.

Once you finish, you’ll know whether you want to keep doing it.
have you ever seen anyone on /3/ doing respectable 3D manga characters ? Wrong place dude. Your answer is in another internet place.
All of these responses are good and valid I just wanted to highlight that in the OP you mentioned that it might take months to get good animations. A more realistic timeframe for good animations is about 3 to 5 years. Only commit if you are truly committed to 3D.
You can get good enough to be a full time porn animator in 1-2 years.
Any examples? dated work from beginning to current?
just keep going, work on your fundamentals, grind anatomy and perspective, and maybe later you can jump to 3D.

you suck because you haven't put the effort into learning your fundamentals.

Also, art is a long life plan, you don't simply stick to art for a couple months and get gud and that's it.

Learn to enjoy the journey and maybe five years from now you could become whatever you dream about.

read loomis for motivation.
If you're getting into animation don't bother with creating your own models, use free (recommended with lower poly) props and mod them to your liking and ultimately focus on rigging/skinning/animating tutorials, then go find a 3d hentai you like the looks of and copy the poses / camera angles, once you manage to do that look for rendering and lightning tutorials and you'll be there in 2 months depends on how dedicated you'll be , I'm not speaking of perfect rigs but it's a great starting point with quick results that you'll always be able to improve.

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