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Hey guys, recently I got started using Blender. I'm working for a person who seeks to make a profit off of a copyright licensed franchise for his videogame. Will I get into legal trouble if I don't make any profit from said work but the company does? I'm only working for this guy in order to get valuable field experience. Pic unrelated
Considering you just posted on 4chan that you have knowledge of this copyright violation, I would imagine that makes you liable.
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Let me elaborate further, my first post might've caused misconception. I in no way, shape or form receive any compensation by working for this guy, he gives me modelling tasks.
1; If I haven't contributed in creating copyrighted content for the project. Am I liable?
2; If I were to contribute in creating copyrighted content for the project. Am I liable?
3; The game is made on an online platform (Roblox). I live in Europe and Article 13 has been recently approved. If I make a profit and copyright holder presses charges, will I be liable? Or will the company which owns the online platform be liable?
if the company is being sued, the owners are sued.

its not like you run a drug operation, its just a company
Even if you didn't mean it, nice bait. Getting worried over a sandbox for 10 year olds and under is just sad. Not to mention the fact that slapping blocks together in the studio or whatever it's called doesn't count as 3D modelling.
If your just an employee, you won't get sued, but that company would be known, so if you put it on your resume, future jobs are gonna know you were a part of it and details are irrelevant, if they barely looking to hire you they will assume the worst.

There's a few small Western owned architecture companies in the SEA country I'm in. One of them got investigated by Autodesk and had to close down due to losses. Everyone knows what happened. Those guys are not unhireable because it was obviously a management decision, but that's a stain on their resume forever.

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