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File: Corona Final Render 1.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x1080)
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Feedback please!
see im posting on /3/
File: 1484507221501.png (27 KB, 477x387)
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humm, quite a few things, but mainly:
- the stone pattern is obviously tiling
- the AA on overexposed whites is very harsh
- the tesselation on the chairs is apparent
- that ceramic's detail size on the panel doesn't really make sense
- not sure if the background is supposed to be a city outside a window? it looks more like a photo on a wall
- the plant on the left appears to be floating (it's probably not, but it can be perceived this way)
- the elevator doors seem very narrow
Your levels are really bad, find an image with a similar composition to yours: (same light direction, similar materials) and put the two side by side in photoshop and match yours to the refrance. you can find lots of tutorials on how to do this. also you should post this is to /wip/ not make a new thread, you will get more response
not op, these are actually good criticisms and I even learned some things from this. thanks.
Real critique, on my /3/? I never thought I'd see the day
just curious, what exactly did you learn? the things I listed are mostly observation, so I'm wondering
nice points
what rendering engine did you use? Lumion? can you post raw render?

limit color palette
declutter - too busy, create area of focus and leave space for eyes to relax.

learn to texture- if you need help download textures from poligon.com- theres a free plugin where you can load textures into 3dsmax that works with several renderers. observe how the textures behave during render then copy and adjust to suit your scene..
use reference photos and observe light values, colors in shadows and highlights and adjust to match or be similar.
mate that website looks like garbage. just use textures.com and do the settings yourself
sure if you understand how textures work in CG. where else can a beginner get samples with diffuse, reflection, bump, normal, displacement etc. If you know how, i agree its better to make your own.
>Would ask my money back/10

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