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I used to do tons of work with 3DS Max back in 2000-2009. It has been a decade since I touched 3D programs. What is the best way to dive back in? Which program (Max or Maya) is better (I do architectural renderings mostly)?

Thanks for any help, truly, getting back to the skill level I was at seems like a daunting task, any other tips?

pic not my work, just something similar.
If you're doing arch viz you should use 3ds max or perhaps cinema 4d with vray or corona- perhaps fstorm or octane. Maya is a better 3d package but shit for arch viz
From what I understand 3DS Max is the standard for arch vis
- More stable
- Access to Corona
- Better CAD integration
- Archviz assets are all sold in Max format
thanks, I have enough spare time this semester to just learn both Max and Maya.

When it comes to landscapes, is VUE still the best btw, or has someone else taken the mantle?
Not OP but can anyone tell me if there are many benefits to going with 3ds Max over Rhino for archviz? I just started getting into archviz but have been modeling in Rhino for a while. I tried learning 3ds but the workflow was a nightmare to me, everything took so long. Is it okay to render with v Ray in Rhino and then move the models over to c4d and unreal at the end? I think I'm way too brainlet for max
And there's good news it's exactly like you remembered it!
File: archviz_in_modern_max.jpg (143 KB, 750x1000)
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Forget VUE unless you are masochistic.
Houdini got pretty good, and its fairly easy too if you are just using it for landscape.
There is World Machine also pretty good for large scale terrain.
Terragen is also still there.

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