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What was your longest render?
Do you have a renderfarm?
>longest render
2hrs a frame but the shot only lasted 3 seconds. I probably could have got it down to 30 mins if I tried optimising it though.
I have a second hand dual xeon workstation that is used for rendering.
>2hrs a frame but the shot only lasted 3 seconds.
my was an hour and it was 8 seconds but it also was only 2 samples.
Still: about 6 hours, 8k Res and lots of maps.

Animation: only 1h, if something takes longer I spend time fixing it.
What are your PC specs?
This was at work, I don't have the specs on hand
I once used Kerkythea to render a Sketchup project into several minutes worth of FullHD animation.

At the time I used three laptops (two of which were a bit old and not in use anymore) and between them they spent around 150 hours.

After a while we needed to do some changes to the animation, but I wasn't going to spend 150 machine hours on my slow computers again...

Looked into cloud computing, discovered Amazon offered virtual machines and set up a pretty good one (understatement of the year), installed Kerkythea on it and rendered the whole animation again in just 15 hours. Cost me a few bucks but it was worth it for the speed gains.

That's the closest I've ever been to using a rendering farm, but it did cut my rendering time down by 90% so I was happy.

Yeah yeah I know ... I need to move on from Sketchup and learn another software. Maybe someday!
>What was your longest render?
Usually pictures on my machine (a rather standard Acer machine with 2GB V-Ram, 12GB Physical Memory) are around an hour-hour and a half depending on requirements. Been meaning to upgrade it a bit to address that issue, but I don't know where to start (like if i can get my machine to run an actual graphics card or if I should focus on expanding my physical ram first).

>Do you have a renderfarm?
If I did, I wouldn't be complaining. There are online ones I'll use, like Renderstreet, but those are limited after a point in regards to funds.
Looks extremely similar to that opening scene in Spirited Away
22 hours, My PC literally! crashed at the end of the last render.
I thought i had lost everything but after reboot had it all.

How many frames/seconds?
What did you try to render?
Ocean Waves
render as image sequence

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