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Where do people download Character rigs extracted from games?

I'd really like to study the weight painting and topology of the street fighter series in general. I've also heard the Overwatch models people use to make SFM porn are astoundingly well rigged.

I know how to rig for film/tv, but I want to study it for games where you can't rely on blendshapes and shit.
The rig itself is never imported into the videogame
It depends on the game anon, some games have tools available for them that let you extract the skinned mesh others don't.
This usually coincide with if the game in question happen to be on the same engine as something else that has a strong modding scene or not.
Games on proprietary engines that aren't modder friendly usually don't have this stuff availible.

The rigging systems that may been used to generate the animations no, but the bones and the skindata are always present in the gamefiles as they're needed by the engine.
Oh, and they can be downloaded from various shady, usually russian, sites.

But often they're extracted from the game-files on your disk as you usually have the game you are modding installed.
Sorry, just a meshes skinned to joints are fine. I got to play around with a SFM porno Mercy from overwatch someone had, and it made me realize that good rigging is actually 99% the result of good topology and skinning and joint placement. I k ow a lot of advanced maya shit, but I realised I've been working really hard to over correct shit because my understanding of good topology and skinning is flawwed. The deformations were so fucking good it was unreal and blew my mind. But I can't for the life of me find it.

Just any examples of strong topology pkus skinning would be greatly appreciated. My shoulder, pelvis and buttocks deformations always look like dogshit.
Yeah, most rigs are like that. It ends up that way because it's common to sculpt and topologize the character first and then attempt to place the bones inside that already existing geometry.
Instead you need to go the other way around and plan out the joints and the center of rotation for your geometric volumes to know where you need the loops for the deformation zones.
When you build the skeleton like that the characters articulation comes about much more naturally with designed intent instead of as an afterthought dictated by the volumes of the built geometry.

The later method requires a lot more research and iterations compared to just winging it and throw corrective morphs/blend-shapes on the problem but the end result can be that much more perfected.
When it comes to games where it's still unusual to have morphs or dual quaternion skin deforms available it's also the only way to reach clean results every time.
what do you think of daz's skinning? unfortunately they are already better than what i can do..

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