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Legal thread

I made 80% of the assets in my game in the educational version of Maya.

I heard that if you purchase the monthly Maya subscription, you can just open the asset and re export the model in order to clear the educational tag and make it available for commercial use.

Is this true?
Opening it in the full version preserves the educational version tag. All you have to do is save your file in .ma format, open it in a text editor, delete the "made in student version" line from the top, and save again.
Would that be the legal way to go through?
It's against the educational license EULA. But who will tell?
It's only illegal if you get found out and unless you made loads of money and told a bunch of people no-one would care. Fuck you could even leave the made in student version tag in and nobody would find out. That data shouldn't be preserved when someone uses a file ripper that converts it to another file type.
Hell unless you subdivide to all triangles the model you make won't technically be the same model everyone sees in the game
save in ma
Anybody know if there's an equivalent thing you can do for 3ds Max?
The closest equivalent is giving up and hanging yourself.
The only thing the student version tag does is pop up a short notice when you open the file in non-student versions. Autodesk could not give less of a fuck.
I'm already well hung, so I'll just export the assets as .obj or .fbx if I need to. Thank you for your insights.

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