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Hay guys, haven't posted anything scene Christmas. Got burned out and I'm in the middle of switching to a better PC (*coaff* used *coaff*) Went over a video on 15 things to change when starting Win 10. Just got Maya 2018 working. Still loading the scripts I used.

Is the switch worth it?
What does it have that makes it better then Maya 2013 with rapid rig?

Also getting back into Zbrush.

WARNING Off Topic.
January I spent my time reading up on character arch types and design to give them personality traits and back story. To help the direction of my concept art. John Truby "GOLD" (learned about him when Stephen was talking with Brittany Pettibone) and google "character arch types" help. Along a with basic story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxDwieKpawg My current (lazy way) of doing it is to give them personality traits a, overall goal and then try and work out how they would act. Reminds me of D&D so much I think I will run a group in 2020. Will make an improvised sound room so my apartment neighbors wont think I' tripping on drugs.
The switch is totally worth it.
I switched from M2016 to 2019 and its the bomb. Super stable, and extreme performance. My rigs used to run at 28fps in the animation scene in Maya 2016 and under the exact same circumstances run at 55fps in Maya 2019. And the rigs arent simple either, they have around 500 bones driving character meshes. Its a huge improvement in terms of performance alone.

Then there is also all the new tools they introduced since 2013 some of which im sure youd find helpful.
Anything to do with face rigging. Trying to stream line the process. Down loaded some digital tutore videos and watich this.


Cant find a torrent so i think it may be dated.
File: rig-billy-bob.jpg (176 KB, 1280x720)
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I just updated to 2019 and its much more agile.
In Linux it loads in 10 seconds.
Huge scenes are loading faster, it seems like the old lady Maya as whole has become more snappy (or its the Linux version?) I recently switched my Maya workload from Windows to Linux.
But its a bugfix release, if you turn on the green thingy's to show new stuff, there is barely anything there to show except the new animation caching system.
But anyways who wouldn't like to have a Maya with 500 bugs less?
>>installing Maya 2019.

Can't get absyemmtey script to work in maya 2018. Is there a built in command that does the same thing? Trying to get back into my work flow.

>>Just learned to "optimist scene" to get rid of the mentalray nodes. Did'nt work.

I'm glad nothing exploded yet.
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HAHA Got a 2004 script to work in maya 2019. was giving me an error "on line 240 revert to 230". Got all my old scrips to work.

I love Jordan Peterson's advice. "Your brain is really good at getting you to switch to a less challenging activity. All of a suddenly cleaning the dishes sounds pretty good. Don't switch, suppress it and keep working on the more challenging activity." Took me a couple of hours to find install and trouble shoot it.
The free SHAPES plugin has a better symmetry tool than abSym.

How does one obtain Maya on Linux? There's no Student version available
thanks. I will check it out.
>How does one obtain Maya on Linux? There's no Student version available
There is, at least when using browser download.
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cgpeers or learn to code.
If there's a legal option available I prefer it. Less hassle.

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